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Featuring the inimitable Kay Elizabeth on vocals and harnessed by producer Sam Fontanas, the band have come together to produce a sound which packs in Brazilian percussion with killer brass section via a crack squad of friends and musicians who play alongside the likes of Incognito, Mr Scruff and Alice Russell.

Opening single ‘Love Be The Weapon’ welcomes producerJon Moon (Amy Whinehouse)
into the Fontanas familia to deliver a super charged traditional funk anthem, with a Daptone studio feel and at home amongst the best heavyweight modern funk pioneers.

The album title ‘The Luxury Of Time’ taps into the change of pace experienced during lockdown. Combine this with the idea that this period offered a chance for us to pause for thought and find time to create and the album was born.


The album draws on a variety/range of influences from vintage soul funk to heavyweight Latin and Brazilian grooves and skilfully fuses these elements together to form a modern day dance record ideally placed for changing times.






 ‘I'm loving it!’ BBC6 Music, DJ Craig Charles

'Groovy, funky, and soulful... The Fontanas have it all' Radio WKRP 

'Uplifting & soulful' -

'Funk to the fullest'

Jazz Fm 

The Fontanas album LP
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